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About Vegas Valley Air Duct

Live Longer with Clean Air Ducts

Vegas Valley Air Duct improves the quality of life for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. Our air duct cleaning services and dust removal process will prevent you from experiencing sneezing, coughing or watery eyes. We sanitize your air ducts so mold spores are eliminated along with all bacteria present within the system. Once completed it is guaranteed that indoor Air Quality is improved. When clean indoor environments mix together without toxins like pet dander etc., odors cannot survive. This means no more bad headaches due to poor quality of air in buildings.

Our CEO has an impeccable track record of success and is widely recognized in the industry. We are an NADCA certified company.  With hard work as well as perseverance to build up our reputation for quality services we provide both residential & commercial buildings throughout Las Vegas, NV including Henderson, NV and Boulder City, NV.

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